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Making a Difference, One Patient at a Time A Patient’s Story by Michael Grey

I’ve always loved to read. Unfortunately, after I was diagnosed with a cataract in my right eye, I found myself reading less and less. Wearing contact lenses didn’t seem to help much. Neither did reading glasses. If I was indoors without bright sunlight things just never seemed clear. I often got eye strain, and it was the eye strain more than anything else that made me stop reading.

I’m convinced that my poor vision played a role in the loss of my job too. I had been a Tier II tech agent for Sony PlayStation for many years; and my job had demanded that I be able to look up large amounts of information quickly and accurately - which I no longer could.

When I found out that I had cataracts in both eyes, and especially after color blindness increasingly became a problem, I started to feel hopeless. I couldn’t get a driver’s license. I couldn’t fill out a job application without betraying my poor vision. And then when I found myself having to deal with homelessness as well, it seemed the situation had become impossible. I was terrified of being so helpless.

One year later, it’s amazing for me to now reflect upon how much things have changed. I’m currently in an extremely demanding IT training program. My textbooks are typically 700 pages long. When I first started training I had to take a PC motherboard apart and then reassemble it. Afterwards I spent hours completing detailed lab simulations. Now, after having successfully earned both the A+ and Network+ certifications, I spend hours staring at computer screens learning how to use the Linux command line. When I began Linux training, my first homework assignment was to read a 175 page book. None of this would be possible if I hadn’t received the cataract operations which restored sight to both of my eyes.

Although I Care San Antonio has provided me with bifocals, I’m happy to say that oftentimes I don’t even use them. After my eye operations I had been concerned that I wouldn’t be able to function without continually wearing some type of vision aid, but happily that hasn’t been my experience, and it seems my vision is still slowly improving over time. I sit in the front of my class because I want to make sure I can concentrate on the professor, not because I can’t see the board. And often I will find myself typing on my keyboard, or reading a book, or writing notes, all without the use of bifocals or reading glasses.

Thanks to the operations I received, I’m well on my way towards becoming a Linux Network Admin. I hope to get a driver’s license soon; and once I complete this training program, I intend to resume work on several writing projects which have been on hold for several years. None of this would have been possible had my eyesight not been restored to me. It’s no exaggeration to say that the eye operations I received through I Care San Antonio and the generosity of ALCON, have given me back my life, both literally and figuratively.
I wanted to extend a heart-felt thank you for taking time to see me. I am homeless and unable to change out of my contact lenses for over 3 weeks. I received a complete eye exam from Dr. Davis and they fitted me in to a pair of glasses immediately. Once again, thank youf ro treating me with dignity.
Recognizing a person at Church, reading small print on a medicine bottle, seeing the total on the register when I am buying groceries, sewing a button on my blouse, these are the gifts you gave me.
Hello, my name is Pete, and I am a student of the gospel of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ! I study the Word, evangelize under bridges, alleys, homeless camps – any where I can go to find the lost and lead them to Christ. I once was an alcoholic, drug addict and gang member for 30 years of my life, but Jesus Christ set me free. Now all I desire to do is reach out to others. My work is at times very physical and demanding.

Prior to coming to I Care San Antonio, my work wasn’t just physical and demanding, it was also very painful due to the pain I suffered because of the condition of my blind eye. My eye became blind years ago due to the different fights I was involved in. It was so painful that I could not focus on what God has called me to do.

I met with the staff and volunteer doctors at I Care San Antonio and they decided the only way to alleviate the pain was to remove the eye. On June 13, 2012, my eye was removed.
Once I was done with the surgery, I had an artificial eye made and now no one knows that my eye is not real. I went from a life of daily pain to a life free of pain! I can now do what God has called me to do without any pain whatsoever.

First, I give all the praise, honor and glory to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and thanks to I Care San Antonio. I want to extend a special thanks to Dr. Christopher Debacker for performing my surgery and for implanting my prosthetic and to the anesthesiologist, Dr. Claire Holshouser. Also, to Jean Thompson for my prosthetic, no one can tell my eye isn’t real! To Rhonda Ullom, for her eagerness to help and her continued support through all for my eye care needs, and to the entire staff at I Care San Antonio because they DO CARE!

I would like to thank you for your services to me. I have been struggling with my eyesight for years and feel blessed to have the service you are providing me.